Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Foodie : Olive Garden

So we tried lunch in Olive Garden this weekend, Surprisingly it was free we got the seat immediately.

First Feel in my mind ... its bit expensive (they asked 20%, 18% Tip too), but very tasty food and large quantity too.

They  give Soups and Unlimited Bread Sticks too... (The Bread Sticks are so awesome)

Unfortunately I was so hungry that i forget to take snap of Soup and Bread Sticks (Forgive me )

I ordered Chicken Scampi (with Angel hair Pasta)

Five Cheese Veg pasta 

It will cost minimum 40$ for two with tips :)

The Food we ordered are

  1. Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (free with the food)
  2. Veg Minestrone (free with the food)
  3. Chicken Scampi
  4. Five Cheese Veg pasta (Lunch Combo)
  5. Bread Sticks (Free with Food)
  6. Strawberry - Passion Fruit
More Menu : http://www.olivegarden.com/home

The Foodie : Flight Foods (Emirates)

More than 20hrs Flight Journey is really tiresome, but in Emirates We can enjoy lots of good movies and Nice Food too. Uploading Some Snap of my Flight Food

Chicken With Cabbage Poriyal and Rice

Aloo Tikki and Poha