Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog Wars : EPISODE VI - Return of the Brand Mascots

Blogwars ep 6

Rumors are spreading across the galaxy as brands are fighting out in Ads Space with Mascots are falling apart until the arrival of Vodafone ZooZoos ……

Vodafone Zoozoos has won everyone’s heart at the first strike but the legacy says there were more Mascots which has already won our heart and forgotten by time

zoo zoo

Let’s see some infamous brand Mascots that existed in Indian Ad Space

10. Energizer bunny

Remember the Bunny which never run out of energy, its a great brand mascot for Energizer battery but it still runs in our TV but not so impressive in INDIAN Market


9.  The Michelin Tyre Man

The Michelin Tyre man has a impressive record and lot of meaning in it. the circles in it means that we have tyres for all size


8.  The Kelvinator Penguin


Its a product of Electrolux not and the kelvinator was once ruled the INDIAN kitchens but the brand has faded away and eventually the Mascot disappeared from our mind.

7.pilsbury Doughboy


This cute doughboy made is debut in 1970’s and till to date but its a one of the longest running mascots in the world. it has made INDIAN debut few years back.

6. Onida Devil Campaign


This one has made a return, Return of the devil, its originally made its first appearance in 1982, I remember seeing this Ad as a kid and getting afraid. This devil campaign helped onida to fight the then top 2 players BPL & Videocon. When Korean’s TV Company started coming to INDIA rest is history … Now the Devil is coming back, welcome back guys :)

5. Asian Paints Gattu

asian-paints-gattu-1 This is a master piece create by our own R.K. Laxman, it was created some time in 1960’s and it made the Asian paints a brand leader in 60’s . Actually asian paints were started by 4 guys working in a garage in Mumbai (then bomba) and the rest is history (may be I will right a blog about it soon:) don’t copy the idea guys)

4. Hutch pug


Hutch (Now Vodafone) have always created a unique Ads, Those Hutch pug days were wonderful, please don’t forget this cute pug, I have put that sold tag for fun :)

3. 7up fido dido


Fido dido this cute guy has been around since 1988 but the mascot has grown in such a popular that it has been prompted separately and have separate comics & video game were available for this Mr. Cool Guy

2. Air India Maharaja


This one has taken the hearts of million INDIANs in a storm, this Maharaj was adopted as Mascot in 1946.  Though it was first designed for memo pads  on board of Air India’s flight. It was used all over the place and eventually became a All India favorite and it has come under various changes in recent times

1. Amul Butter Gal

The moppet who put Amul on India's breakfast table

Since our childhood we have known a butter to be the taste of India and that very butter aided by a little girl dressed in polka dotted frock and a mop of hair on her forehead went on to become the brand of India.Amul over time has managed to capture not only market share across India but also the nation’s imagination. The brand which has now become synonymous as the “Taste of India” has its genesis in the whim of a freedom fighter to start a butter brand with an Indian name; Mr. Tribhuvan Das – a freedom fighter wanted to start a butter brand with an Indian name, everybody tried to dissuade him from doing so since the current trend was to name brands after English names.Tribhuvan Das was adamant and decided to name it AMUL (Anand Milk Producers Union Limited) and thus was born the brand which in times to come was to capture the imagination of every Indian. Source : click Here



Amul butter gal is the longest running ad in the INDIA, even though butter gal is the mascot the Ad is still the same and its going to be in the Guiness book of records, The secret of the long running Ads where its Ads are funny and based on current situation which makes this ads for more ever

The Amul Story : click here

There are other favorite mascots like surf’s  lalitaji who ruled the heart of 70’s, hope the Mascots will return again with vodafone ZooZoos arrival


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beware Children turn drug addicts by sniffing whiteners, Nail Polish Remover etc

Recently I saw a program called Nijam in Sun TV, was shocked to hear this news school children turning into drug addicts. Let us go more in details

There are various forms of drug addiction alcoholic, marijuana, brown sugar etc but a school children getting these stuffs is not so easy and they can be easily caught with parents if they consume it because of the smell. Parents all should remember there is one more silent killer and even odourless drug  that is very cheap to available and very well disguised

Whiteners : The first and fore most very easy access to a kid is whiteners,have you ever felt the whiteners gives a foul smell, the chemicals present in the liquid whiteners has the same capability to intoxicate the brain as of drugs and its consumed by pouring the liquid whiteners in a cloth and sniffing it , it will give them so called dizzy feeling and hangover after a while they can be normal no smell, no indication

side effects : Respiratory block , loss of concentration and struggling to speak ,can be fatal.

Products :  correction fluid, whitener, erasex diluter, Camlin Coverit , fevibond, anabonds

Access : its very easy ever stationery shops have it and no one questions the kid

Cost : hardly Rs.20 to 30

Cough Syrup : we all know cough syrup has some alcoholic content and we should avoid driving or machinery work after consuming it. but there is a very strong “Corex cough syrup”. but kids consume it full bottle to get 'hallucinating' effect.

Side effects : same as alcohol but more damage to liver since its used to treat disease it have more side effects

Products : Corex cough syrup, other cough syrups

Access : All medical store

Cost : Rs. 50

Pain Balms: People use to spread the balm as butter in the bread and consume it , it gives them the intoxicating effect of drug

Price : Rs 11 to 50

See the speed of spreading among the kids are very fast, if one kid start to experiment with it, it can be spread as a wild fire

So just beware, I am not talking about smoking or drinking which kids have very little access, its the very cheap and very much available stationery items which can kill our kids life in drug addiction

People who are so far more affected, beggars, paper pickers etc, beware be cautious when you provide these items to your kids and stay alert

More information :


This blog is only to provide awareness. Either Me or My company does not take responsibility for damages caused in any form.

Please don’t try this anywhere

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