Monday, August 22, 2016

The Foodie : Brunch Special

Weekend Brunches are always very special to me, I love to experiment new brunch places based on Yelp reviews. Going to Share some of my brunch foods photos

Egg Whites frittata- Splashes, Laguna Beach

Stuffed French Toast - Splashes, Laguna Beach

Two Eggs and Potato Hash(kids meal) - Splashes, Laguna Beach

Denny's Chorizo Skillet

Sweet Dixie Kitchen's Morning Panini

Danish Pastry

Sweet Dixie Kitchen's Biscuit Sandwich

Black Bear Diner's Pan Cakes

 Home Made Scramble with Pesto and Ava-coda 

Blue Crab Cakes and Scramble from Sterling Diner

 Sterling Diner's Famous French Toast

Ihop's French Toast

Ihop's Chicken & Waffle

Ihop's Buttermilk Pancake

 Ihop's Veg Omelete

Ihop's Chicken fajita Omelete

Classic Bagel and Eggs from 5th Ave Baglery 

But Nothing Can beat this one -- The DOSA

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Foodie : The Cheese Cake Factory - Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day special Lunch : The Cheese Cake Factory

First Impression : The restaurant is huge and Egyptian themed. I personally did not expect the restaurant to have very nice interior :).

Small Plates

Crab bites ($6.95)

 Crispy Fried Cheese ($6.95)

Instead of Appetizer the small bites were good choice


Chicken Bellogio ($14.95)

Eggplant Parmesan  (vegetarian) ($15.95)


Godiva Cheese Cake ($7.95)

Note : The pasta here are cooked in AL-DENTE(Cooked to give crunch feeling). Please ask for fully cooked pasta.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Foodie : Gypsy’s Mediterranean Grilll

After a long time, I went with my friends for Friday Lunch, this time to an small time mom/pop Mediterranean restaurant "Gypsy Grill". The first highlight is the beautiful beach view of the restaurant and it's ambiance is graceful. 

To the surprise the menu card has lots of Organic items, like Organic Chicken. The place is good for vegetarians. The price is nominal but the taste is fantastic.

Salmon Kabob Plate : $14.99

It comes with Rice, Salmon and Salad option. The taste is very good, but it was very dry for me, eating plain rice without any gravy is tough for typical south Indian.

Organic Chicken Grill Plate : $11.99

Chicken is very juicy and tasty again it is very dry dish... we should have ordered an Eggplant gravy for this or any dish in the future.

Veggie Plate : $9.99

It has three falafel, it is nothing but parppu vadai made with channa(konda kadlai) and it 

tastes like vadai only. The eggplant dip is mind blowing really mind blowing .... i did not 

like the dolme  and the pita is very very good.

I would recommend visiting this place for sure

More info on the restaurant :

Yelp : Gypsy Grill

Update : The parking is near the pier, just park and walk by seeing the beauty of the sea

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Foodie : IHop Dinner

Every Weekend we try to eat in IHOP for brunch, but the long queues and high wait time was not a good choice with a baby. Luckily we spot an IHOP almost empty in the Carson and hopped right into it. Here are some lovely snap of the food

IHop is all about pancakes, so I am showing you french toast....

French Toast

Butter Milk PanCakes

Pancakes are very very soft and awesome, no wonder IHOP is International House of Pancakes


Chicken & Waffles

 After being in USA for four years, today is the day I tried Waffles.... It tasted like Ice Cream Cone Wafer in pancake format

California Scrambled Eggs

The Food we ordered as follows
  1. 2 Pepsi - $6 (next time only water)
  2. Chicken & Waffles with two pancakes
  3. California Scrambled eggs with French Toast (paid extra 3$ for french toast)
There were four flavored Syrups.... Old Fashioned, Strawberry, Blueberry & Butter pecan. 
Honestly i did not liked the Blueberry syrup... The total bill came to $32.... Pretty reasonable for two peoples.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Foodie : Olive Garden

So we tried lunch in Olive Garden this weekend, Surprisingly it was free we got the seat immediately.

First Feel in my mind ... its bit expensive (they asked 20%, 18% Tip too), but very tasty food and large quantity too.

They  give Soups and Unlimited Bread Sticks too... (The Bread Sticks are so awesome)

Unfortunately I was so hungry that i forget to take snap of Soup and Bread Sticks (Forgive me )

I ordered Chicken Scampi (with Angel hair Pasta)

Five Cheese Veg pasta 

It will cost minimum 40$ for two with tips :)

The Food we ordered are

  1. Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (free with the food)
  2. Veg Minestrone (free with the food)
  3. Chicken Scampi
  4. Five Cheese Veg pasta (Lunch Combo)
  5. Bread Sticks (Free with Food)
  6. Strawberry - Passion Fruit
More Menu :

The Foodie : Flight Foods (Emirates)

More than 20hrs Flight Journey is really tiresome, but in Emirates We can enjoy lots of good movies and Nice Food too. Uploading Some Snap of my Flight Food

Chicken With Cabbage Poriyal and Rice

Aloo Tikki and Poha 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Foodie : Annapurna Torrence

After a 2 years we went back to this place, after new management.. The food was nice but expensive and we did not get that stomach full satisfaction. 

Andhra Chicken Masala


Chicken Manuchurian

Egg Kothu Parotta

Chicken Fried Race ( My Favorite)

Chicken Biryani 

Overall : Very Very Expensive for Indian Food
Tastes Better