Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Foodie : Gypsy’s Mediterranean Grilll

After a long time, I went with my friends for Friday Lunch, this time to an small time mom/pop Mediterranean restaurant "Gypsy Grill". The first highlight is the beautiful beach view of the restaurant and it's ambiance is graceful. 

To the surprise the menu card has lots of Organic items, like Organic Chicken. The place is good for vegetarians. The price is nominal but the taste is fantastic.

Salmon Kabob Plate : $14.99

It comes with Rice, Salmon and Salad option. The taste is very good, but it was very dry for me, eating plain rice without any gravy is tough for typical south Indian.

Organic Chicken Grill Plate : $11.99

Chicken is very juicy and tasty again it is very dry dish... we should have ordered an Eggplant gravy for this or any dish in the future.

Veggie Plate : $9.99

It has three falafel, it is nothing but parppu vadai made with channa(konda kadlai) and it 

tastes like vadai only. The eggplant dip is mind blowing really mind blowing .... i did not 

like the dolme  and the pita is very very good.

I would recommend visiting this place for sure

More info on the restaurant :

Yelp : Gypsy Grill

Update : The parking is near the pier, just park and walk by seeing the beauty of the sea

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