Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Foodie : IHop Dinner

Every Weekend we try to eat in IHOP for brunch, but the long queues and high wait time was not a good choice with a baby. Luckily we spot an IHOP almost empty in the Carson and hopped right into it. Here are some lovely snap of the food

IHop is all about pancakes, so I am showing you french toast....

French Toast

Butter Milk PanCakes

Pancakes are very very soft and awesome, no wonder IHOP is International House of Pancakes


Chicken & Waffles

 After being in USA for four years, today is the day I tried Waffles.... It tasted like Ice Cream Cone Wafer in pancake format

California Scrambled Eggs

The Food we ordered as follows
  1. 2 Pepsi - $6 (next time only water)
  2. Chicken & Waffles with two pancakes
  3. California Scrambled eggs with French Toast (paid extra 3$ for french toast)
There were four flavored Syrups.... Old Fashioned, Strawberry, Blueberry & Butter pecan. 
Honestly i did not liked the Blueberry syrup... The total bill came to $32.... Pretty reasonable for two peoples.

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