Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Foodie – Maggi

There is no surprise you all will have a smile in your face, when you hear this word. Ever Since I moved to Chennai in 1994 I have been enjoying this wonderful dish.

The First time when I tasted the Maggi it  was like Volia! , it strikes the right spot, ever since then it has been a evening snack from my childhood and it served very handy in my bachelorhood too when ever I was hungry I just strip a pocket of Maggi and make myself happy.  Lot of bachelors have this experience like me. It is a very ideal food for working people too.  When ever My Parents are not in Home my sister makes this, it makes life very easier.

Late and tried from work, if you come home early just make plate of Maggi to impress her i am sure it works.( I am not married so may be try one day ;)), wow this food is awesome yaar :).

For some when they are KIDS Maggi will be meant more, remember those good old days of having Maggi Club, We used to send the Maggi wrappers to collect some funda board games. Remember those Ads kids running towards Mom and saying ‘Mummy bhookh lagi hai’, 2-mins and Mom cooking those Ads remember our good old days :)

My Favorite Maggi Receipe

I am not a great cook, while I was staying with my friends when studying I cooked only one food and I am giving my receipe

  • A pocket of Maggie (any flavor)
  • one cup water
  • Two Liquid Chickens ( eggs)
  • A lot of pepper I just make those things in 5 mins (egg have to cook guys)

About Maggi

Maggi is a instant noodle product from Nestle launched in 1980’s in INDIA and INDIA has emerged as largest consumer of Maggi Noodles in the whole world. Eventually in INDIA it has been a name for noodles, no body says noodles everyone says Maggi, something like we say Xerox for photocopying

467658977_7e707c9b29 Flavors of Maggie

Maggie has lot of flavor now a days, in the olden days it had only 2 masala and chicken now we have various option, with the introduction of Maggi Atta Noodles ( even though it does not taste like atta), they are making things healthier, it does not have MSG(ajino Motto)  in it so its good for Kids also,

It'’s Recent introduction Cupp Mania is too costly for home consuming Rs.25 but if you are on the travel it will make it a ideal Food. I survived in Mumbai with that I was staying 3 star Hotel, I could not afford the food over there daily (Rs.400/-) dinner (morning food free there), I just walk out grab a cupp mania and come to my room I have jug water heater to make coffee, use it and make my dinner survival tactics :), New variations are available in the form of Rice noodles, I have not tasted it once


We all got a mail saying Maggi has Wax on it, its a hoax, there is a statement in the Nestle site claim those were false : Check it out, you can download the pdf from there

Next In 2008 they aired a wrong Ad meant for Bangladesh in Britain channels saying “it will grow muscle and bones”. which showed their double standards in developed country and developing countries you can check in Wikipedia for this

Thirdly I was Surprised to see this, Is Maggi a vegetarian Dish. I fear No, Check the incidents which I photographed

It has a flavor enchancer called 627 rite its made from Fishes. you can check it in Wikipedia for that, this chemical should not be given to children below 12 weeks and should not be used by ashmatics and gout problem individuals.

So Please consider or call Maggi customer care for this details because they are showing Green tag in the label.


The main competition is in INDIA i think NISSA  Top – Ramenz , I too like that but Maggi Rocks.

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