Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beware Children turn drug addicts by sniffing whiteners, Nail Polish Remover etc

Recently I saw a program called Nijam in Sun TV, was shocked to hear this news school children turning into drug addicts. Let us go more in details

There are various forms of drug addiction alcoholic, marijuana, brown sugar etc but a school children getting these stuffs is not so easy and they can be easily caught with parents if they consume it because of the smell. Parents all should remember there is one more silent killer and even odourless drug  that is very cheap to available and very well disguised

Whiteners : The first and fore most very easy access to a kid is whiteners,have you ever felt the whiteners gives a foul smell, the chemicals present in the liquid whiteners has the same capability to intoxicate the brain as of drugs and its consumed by pouring the liquid whiteners in a cloth and sniffing it , it will give them so called dizzy feeling and hangover after a while they can be normal no smell, no indication

side effects : Respiratory block , loss of concentration and struggling to speak ,can be fatal.

Products :  correction fluid, whitener, erasex diluter, Camlin Coverit , fevibond, anabonds

Access : its very easy ever stationery shops have it and no one questions the kid

Cost : hardly Rs.20 to 30

Cough Syrup : we all know cough syrup has some alcoholic content and we should avoid driving or machinery work after consuming it. but there is a very strong “Corex cough syrup”. but kids consume it full bottle to get 'hallucinating' effect.

Side effects : same as alcohol but more damage to liver since its used to treat disease it have more side effects

Products : Corex cough syrup, other cough syrups

Access : All medical store

Cost : Rs. 50

Pain Balms: People use to spread the balm as butter in the bread and consume it , it gives them the intoxicating effect of drug

Price : Rs 11 to 50

See the speed of spreading among the kids are very fast, if one kid start to experiment with it, it can be spread as a wild fire

So just beware, I am not talking about smoking or drinking which kids have very little access, its the very cheap and very much available stationery items which can kill our kids life in drug addiction

People who are so far more affected, beggars, paper pickers etc, beware be cautious when you provide these items to your kids and stay alert

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