Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cell Phones Used 2003 To 2009 : Nostalgic

I am always obsessed with gadgets and technology, here are some of my Nostalgic Old Mobile Phone.

At that time everything was amazing from sending ring tones via SMS, phone vibration and Free SMS

My First Phone : Nokia 6210

no6210_00Now it looks bulky and big, but this phone is Executive Phone at that time slim and light weight , it was launched in 2001, with HSCSD with WAP browser. The phone was really handy and gives a professional look.

Key features: slim & light, high-speed data support, WAP access, extended calendar, long talk and stand-by time

Games : 3 Games (Snake II, Opposite, Pairs II)

Display: High-resolution, illuminated graphical dynamic display, 96 x 60 pixels

Owner Ship : Second Hand : I got this for second hand only since Mobile phones were too costly at that time

Nokia 8210 : Baby Nokia

I really loved the Nokia 8210 that my whole family circle call this as Baby Nokia it wonderful phone


I love this phone’s customizable Phone Covers, Then the Era of Phone panel started, Every Month I used to visit Richie Street to Show the world What I am with this Phone

Owner Ship : Second Hand

Nokia 8310 : A Bachelor Friend

Arguably the first Successful Nokia phone with FM, I saw this phone in the Movie “Terminator 3” and “Wrong Turn” and put lot of pressure to My parents to buy this phone its very costly at that time Rs.4500(2nd hand) and it has FM, which was my complete companion in my college days, by 2003 only private FMs logged chennai, Most notably Radio Mirchi 98.3

nokia_8310_lgnokia_8310_add_25I love the Black and Red version of the phone, this phone stayed with me longer for about 2yrs

Owner Ship : Second Hand

Sony Ericsson k750i : A Make Over

The Mobile Phone evolution started with SMS to FM then to camera to Music Player etc. At that time Nokia Phones was very costly and very bulky too. Sony Ericsson K700 Impressed me a lot but could not afford it since its too costly for me. When I saved money for it and the phone was out of model and then came the beauty K750i, Soon it became a mini Netbook, Music Player, Movie Player  and Gaming console. I bet nobody would have  roughed up the phone like me. Infact I owned special speakers for this phone

Owner Ship : First Hand k750i.jpg

Speakers Sony Ericsson MPS-70



Nokia 5800 : Xpress Music

So after 3yrs of Sony I went back to Nokia, Sony has not offered much after walkman phones and I felt its time to Move on. Now Nokia 5800 is my best Bus companion with 8 GB of Memory and I can convert all movies to 3gp or WMV and can see around 22 movies with it (200 to 300 MB 3GP or WMV). The quality of Movie in WMV is great and It has sneak option too. Great thing is I got a Sennheiser headPhones too.



Owner Ship : First Hand

Sennheiser PMX 60 Headphones


With Inbuild Wi –Fi  I am enjoying it where ever I go Mostly probably in Sub Way Restaurant  :). The touch screen Phone has touched my heart but I still have the Sony K750i unable to forget the legacy. I still feel there is no phone to beat my Sony Ericsson k750i.

Hope this brings back your Memories of the old gadgets

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