Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool Deep Fried Foods to try out :)

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As far as we know Deep Fried Foods are unhealthy but this made me to belive what we are eating is better

Deep Fried Chocolate

marsThis weird stuff started in Scotland, now they fry MARS bar, Snicker etc. The photograph has Fried MARS Bar.

Deep Fried Coke

cokeThis one is made by mixing coke in batter instead of water and then fried, later coke fountain syrup is poured along with whipped cream

Deep Fried Pizza

deepfriedpizzaYet another Scottish dish, count the calories for yourselves

Deep Fried Twinkie


Twinkie is actually a sponge cake filled with cream, yummy they have fried that too.

Deep Fried Ice-cream

fried-ice-creamThis is found in Chennai too, in Wang's Kitchen Anna Nagar

Deep Fried Banana


Its famous in kerala too Bananna Bhaji 

Enough for now, stop drooling there are more deep fried foods but not great like this.

Please dont try frying choclate, it need some pre conditioning before frying.

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