Thursday, October 7, 2010

Presenting The First Indoor Ice skating in Chennai and 2nd in India

I am happy to say this first , Chennai had its first Indoor Ice Skating in Ampa Skywalk Mall, Nelson Manikkaam Road.

Yesterday , while gazing through the mall, Me and my friend found this new under construction place, called Pandora and surprised to see they have ice skating wow. so we had a sneak peek into it.

It has a big good enough Ice Skating Rink ready ( I forgot to ask the space it might be more than 1000 Sq Ft, I Guess). The Floor is made up of Synthetic ice, so even if we fall down , we will not get wet or get hurt :)

The Rink is awesome, they are maintaining 6 degree temperature( wow, where will we get such a temp in chennai, One secret the data server room in our office or any office will have this temperature)


I just had a chance to feel it , its awesome

Apart from this Indoor Ice Skating Rink, they offer Virtual Games Video games and the Dance Box ( For those who saw Karate Kid movie, in a scene jaden and that gal will dance before a box , i think both are same).


They have a mocktail pub also inside the venue.

Finally, they are open from 1o am to 10 pm and charge Rs.200/- per half an hour for Ice skating, they are soon going to roll out membership also.

The Ice Skating Rink is open for now, the remaining stuff will take a month, so enjoy it in Pandora, Ampa Skywalk mall, Near Flower Xpress.

Come Let's do spinning, skidding and twirling on the ice surface, if anybody sponosor me he he (Evil Laughs)

P.S : India's First Ice Skating is in Prasad Imax, Hyderbad.

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