Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Unstoppable Rants of MJ - This Time My Style


New Products

1. KFC Chicken Popcorn

KFC has introduced a new menu item, Chicken Popcorn with two variant, Regular and Large, Regular is Rs.49/- and large is Rs.89/-, taste wise its awesome ( because MSG is added) its quite addictive also. The chicken is so tender and soft, it literally melt in your mouth, sorry too much indulged in it 

MJ’s Verdict Must Try

2. Big Babol fill folly Gum


This gum was very tempting and I tried my hands, it costs Rs.10/- it was a cotton candy first and after few chews it will be bubble gum. but we loose the taste while it was a cotton candy and we are just chewing a tasteless stuff.

MJ’s verdict : Product DOA - Dead on Arrival.


3. If you are working from Ascends Park or know any friends in Ascends Park, then you are lucky KFC in Ascends park food
court is giving 10% discount for those who work in Ascends Park.

4. Did you guys check the Vodafone delights offer in Vodafone site, if not check now, its really nice, we get lot of offers.

Techie Side

5. Facebook is coming up with Gmail Killer, Facebook’s web based email project dubbed as Project Titan is expected to go live today, lets see, how it works, it will be basically an add on to the existing Message feature of Facebook, with some attachment options etc etc.


6. In shocking turn over, it seems Microsoft is dumping its own Silverlight technology for RIA application, they are now giving more important to HTML 5. I think this might have risen after the rejection of flash in mobile world. So where does Silverlight goes from here, it will be used to develop software for Windows Mobile Phone 7 apps and some out of browsers apps.


7. Now Google is trying a yet another attempt to be a Facebook Killer with its new Social networking site Google Me. So what happened to orkut ??? You Guess

8. I just want to say Google that software which had the name ME never worked all are super flops like Windows ME, Apple’s MobileME , just playing with luck thats it

9. Android android, whole world is giving hype of it, overall its Linux. Now the surprise is Homebrewer community has jail breaked iphone to run android on it, Yes it’s true, you can run android in iphone. Search in Google there are so many YouTube videos showing it out.



10. October has two great releases WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 (PS2 Version yet to come to Chennai) and Star wars Force Unleashed 2(only PS3 version available, no PS2 version).

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