Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Foodie : Charo's Peruvian Cuisine

We started out to buy Diwali dresses on Monday night(we were so busy hiking on weekends), all of my friends had no luck either they don't liked the dress or it's too expensive. All four of us returned empty handed from the mall. We decided to have a nice dinner.

As it was Monday all the Indian Restaurants & Shops are closed in Artesia, We had to choose an alternative, so the next best alternative would have been Chipotle if it was lunch, since it was dinner the next best option is trying a South American food, so we choose Charo's Peruvian Cuisine,

The Food is Good but its bit Pricey

Appetizer  - Chicharon de pollo

Looks like Chicken 65, but its very nice that pickled onion is really awesome.

Aji de Gallina

Picante de Pollo

Pollo con Papa Seca - This is the best Dish

This Green Sauce is a spicy treat, it will be good for dosa too, they sell this separately too.

Price : Pricey
Taste ; Very Nice
Rating : 4/5

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