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The Microsoft’s Next Gen Technologies obsessed by Sci –Fi Movies

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The Battle for Supremacy has never ended, MICROSOFT was leading the war but has been pushed back  EU , Sony and Google. Until MICROSOFT came up with Next Gen Technologies

MICROSOFT’s Dominance in Software world is very well know, but they are now trying to penetrate into hardware domain too.

Let’s See some of the MICROSOFT Gadgets inspired by MOVIES


Remember 2002 Hollywood Flick Minority Report, in which Tom Cruise navigates a computer screen with his hand, It was a dream at that time now Microsoft has pioneered the human to computer interaction to build up a Similar technology using the New Multi Touch Interface. Multi Touch Interface was more famed by the New Apple Iphone’s, but again Microsoft steals the show with Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface


The Surface runs on a Vista PC, DLP projectors, and cameras placed under it’s table, it provides a cool new interface and numerous application were coming up for the same. The new WINDOWS 7 has released SDK for Multi Touch Screen also. I am not here to talk about Microsoft Surface, so let’s move one.

Now More about Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Holographic Virtual Office Devices

The latest buzz  was virtual office, you sit anywhere in the world and using video conference you can communicate. Actually its a very costly infrastructure setup. MICROSOFT has gone the Star Wars Way, setting up the Virtual office using Holographic Images, which will be very cheaper in infrastructure cost. In the whole Star Wars Saga, this Holographic Image transmission technology has been used for their inter galactic transmission,

Now Microsoft is coming up with similar technology for our Inter Continental transmission

Star Wars Holographic Communication

obi  In the Picture : Master Obiwan is communicate to R2D2

StarWars Hologram

In the picture : General Obiwan, Jedi Master Yoda and General Ki-Adi-Mund in Hologram Image having a meeting in Jedi Temple

Microsoft has even went one step ahead and patent the new this technology . Here is the outline of Microsoft patent document


Unfortunately there is no much details about it’s hardware and software details,

In holographic meetings, or 'Virtual Office Devices'  a user would see holograms of other meeting attendees, while projecting their own for the others to view. One of the people who was credited with this invention is Patrice Simard, who is the chief scientist and manager of Windows Live Labs. Looking forward for more info on this technology

Microsoft’s New Gestures as Mouse Commands

The Patent was applied by Microsoft for an interesting UI technologies, patent application US20090125824 defines a "user interface with physics engine for natural gestural control." The patent describes this as:

"A method for causing an action in response to user input, the method comprising the steps of:accepting a gesture from a user on a touch sensitive surface; determining a type of gesture that has been accepted by the touch sensitive surface using a sensor array and a single mechanical, momentary contact switch activated by the sensor array; and performing an action in response to the type of gesture that has been accepted, the action at least in part simulating behavior of a physically embodied object."

The other Patent was based on the Star Wars Droid R2D2, patent application (US20090125811) for a "user interface that provides auditory feedback." This allows the computer to give associated beeps and other sounds in response to the gestures made on a gesture pad such as the one described in the "natural gestural control" patent. Source : Neowin

Microsoft’s New Magic Wand (like Harry Potter’s Wand)

Microsoft’s  "Magic Wand." inspired by Harry Potter’s Magic Wand, More over this is just a make over of Nintendo’s Wii Controller, but the shape is like Wand of Harry Potter.


J Allfard ,Microsoft’s CTO and CXO (that’s, Chief eXperience Office) has been the brain child of this technology


In picture : JAllfard, Microsoft CTO and CXO for Entertainment Division


In picture : Microsoft’s Magic Wand Patent

This technology can be used to, "manipulate and interact with its environment, including video and holographic images, while using biometrics to connect with the user," meaning it can recognize who is using it, and even potentially allow voice communication. The patent for this was actually applied for back in November of 2007, but only just became public in the recent days. Rumours spreading that it can be used in XBOX 360 console also but not confirmed.

So far So Good, Let’s wait and see for the actual in future not so far.

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