Monday, June 15, 2009

Blur @ satyam : A New hub of Entertainment in Chennai

The Brands New

What’s cooking up in Chennai?, a brand new entertainment hub. Satyam one of the oldest and finest premium theatres in Chennai is transforming into a one point entertainment hub by the adding new concept BLUR.

BLUR is a world class video game zone, its spread over 15000 sq. feet of area and offers Blur will feature gaming on every conceivable platform, from PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii ,PS2, PCs, Sony PSP , Nintendo DS , Arcades and fully loaded PCs. In addition to this BLUR has a two lane bowling alley to test your bowling Skill. BLUR to have BLUR Cafe to have a bite when we are hungry.

BLUR is actually in the 4th floor of Satyam complex. The parking will be separate for BLUR and they charge you Rs. 10 for 4hrs (bike)

Level 4

BLUR Starts with PC games in Level 4. The PCs here are really massive Machines with the following configuration

2.4GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA HDD, DVD Drive, Windows XP and with dual Nvidia GeForce 8800GT SLI cards with Dell 24 inch LCD Monitor


You can enjoy the latest came play in the network or online too, if you are a hardcore PC Gamer this is a great fun

Level 5

This is level has two Lane Snow Bowling alley and WII Zone

The Snow Bowling alley they provide us separate New pair of socks and you can wear bowling shoes (resuse). The cost is Rs.110 in week days and Rs.160 in week ends

Blur Bowling

The WII Zone really rocks with 42 inch Panasonic LCD Screens and you have variety of games to choose from Base Ball, Boxing, Tennis etc

The Main highlight in this Level is the Karaoke game where you can sing along to win, its really cool you can see lots of kids in this area. This Level has PS2 also with Guitar Hero if you are a great fan you can play the Guitar Hero with a Guitar :)


You can see lots of kids in this area as they love WII and karaoke stuff

Level 6

This Level makes us go crazy with its range of Arcade Games, it offers EA NASCAR Car race, Flight simulator, Hardely Davidson Bike Race simulator, Shooting Games Ghost Squad, where you can have Guns to shoot up the villans :) lots more

It even has TEKKEN 6 as arcade that's really cool, it’s a must visit place for all


Top View

There are lot more

Level 6 : Console Games

There will be a small stairs which you have to climb up to a zone which offers PS3 and XBOX 360, the ambience was superb in this place, its dark and the seat is wow amazing factor, it has integrated speakers with it. The LCD, Plasma TV’s add additional color to the zone. I real feel like Heaven when I went to this Zone.

It offers 6 PS3 and 6 XBOX 360. it cost Rs.80 per hr. you can play upto 3 games in a hour. There will be a list of games available and you can enjoy that :)



All the level has it’s own snack counter, where you can grab a coke, sandwich brownines etc but Level 5 where you have WII Zone and Bowling alley have a Cafe : BLUR Cafe, the ambience is superb and rates are also affordable: no comments from me see the picture


Blur cafe 2

Blur Cafe 3

Over all BLUR rocks with its affordable prices and beautiful ambiance. Its a must visit place in Chennai.

For More Information see the BLUR Site

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