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Blog wars – episode 1 – satyam vs inox(chennai)

Blogwars Ep1

A Long, long ago, in Chennai . . .

In Chennai we had only one premium theatre called Satyam, Until the arrival of INOX, lets compare both the theater in our BLOG WARS series

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Both the theaters have located in the heart of the city, Satyam in Mount Road and INOX in RadhaKrishnan Salai, So you get lot of Bus access to both of the theater anywhere in the city

Ease of Booking
Satyam has online booking, home delivery too, the website is simple and clean the booking is very easy, but INOX has SMS booking also along with online booking,
INOX website is very more simple and understandable the way of booking ticket is also very simple, but you can view ur seat and change accordingly in INOX website but in case of Satyam you cannot, so this area INOX is better than Satyam.
Satyam has a unique feature you can book your food also while booking ticket which will be delivered to us, while we are watching movie, this service we don't get in INOX


Satyam is still under construction, since the interiors design work is going on, So clearly in this part INOX is winner with its neat and tall structure, but Satyam is coming up with unique style which will over come this

Ticket Price
Satyam is very cheap when compared to INOX, you can get tickets ranging form 90 to 120rs or sometime even 75Rs. but in INOX its always Rs120, even if you sit in the front row , So Satyam is the best for the pocket

Screen Quality
Better the Sceen quality, better the movie thats wat I Feel. INOX the screen is total waste you can clearly see the color granulars in the screen, but Satyam the screen is Crystal Clear, thanks to RDX technology, Satyam quality of Screen is very superior and awesome best place to view Animation Movies to. Clear INOX is worth for nothing

Sound Quality
Satyam has DTS and its still rocking, In INOX we might hear better sound due to its small room size but I feel Satyam has better DTS effect than any theater in chennai

Seat Quality
No doubt in comfort and quality in Satyam, you have long leg space and very very comfortable seats too and if you get a ELITE ticket its cool we have couple seats also , thats awesome, but INOX seats are not that much comfortable,both have ample space for your coke cups

Theater Size
Satyam has bigger and good to see movies, INOX is compact but nice too

Food Expense
As I mentioned, we have better service in satyam and the Price is also cheap in satyam, for Rs.40 you will get a extra large popcorn in satyam, but in INOX with Rs.40 you will get a small pack of popcorn,
INOX is toooo costly when it comes to food, hmmm not so worth, pls don't try the NACHOS available in INOX, worth nothing
Satyam rocks in price and quality of food, expensive but cheap when compared to INOX

Parking Charges
Guys I was screwed in this part, Satyam charges only Rs.10 for the movie but INOX you have to pay around Rs.25 to Rs.30 (only for bike, I dont know about car), since its parking charge is hourly basis, thats very bad on part of INOX

Satyam has come up with new concept of gaming in the city called BLUR, soon a SNOW BOWLING alley is coming up there, so there will be lots of entertainment in that part, in INOX no such things but you can go out for shopping in CITI CENTER, but thats too costly
Kids Area
Satyam has a kid area called MAGIC HAT, where you can leave ur kid and you can watch the movie, thats will help for married couple, in INOX there is no such option

Final Verdict
Finally it's Satyam which won here, with its awesome screen quality, comfortable seats and affordable cost about INOX its costly but its not as worth for its price. For boys like us, we usually go to satyam very early if the movie is by 3:30 we will be there by 2:30, to enjoy the beautiful sight seeing in the theater (don't take the sentence in out of context ok, I Meant Gals group gathering there)

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