Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Foodie - How to Plan ur Treat in Ascendas Park (Chennai)

its Recession Times so we have to be careful while spending money that's the word everyone tells, but for us who cares…. Lets plan treat effectively now this treat plan is for 8 people at the max

In recent times if we go to a normal hotel its giving us a bill of Rs.500 for 2 person, that's too costly, and if we have any special occasion people ask us treat so for 8 people we are touching nearly 3k to 4k hmmm lets plan the treat effectively


KFC & The Noodle House Treat



bucket-large  Flat Noodles_small


Take 2 buckets of KFC Chicken it will cost around Rs 630/- (inclusive of tax). It serves 2 pcs per person.

Take 2 or 3 noodles for around Rs. 300/- in Noodle House opposite to KFC

Take a Coke Float for Rs 20/- each which will cost you Rs.160/-

So total - it comes around Rs.1090 ,

I Feel 2 noodles is enough for sure since Chicken makes it whole some and Coke Float fills the extra space.


McDonald's Treat



Just get a McChicken Combo for 8 people each one costs around Rs.109/- includes a Chicken burger, French Fries & Coke will end up with around Rs.900/- but i feel for our boys that too my friends eating in McDonalds combo is just like starters so give this treat only for Gals its no use for boys  (exp guys)


Pizza Hut's Treat


So for Pizza lovers there is a combo option available in all Pizza Hut center, is available here also I think but I have not tried it in Ascendas Park

the Menu has following details


Pizza full Menu

it serves for 6, you can get another Medium pizza for Rs.250 or Rs.300 and have two coke from McDonald that will be cheaper option

else you can buy two Feast for 4 which wil cost you around Rs.1350 and 12.36% tax extra so it will come around Rs.1660/-

but this offer says you need to pay via Visa Gold Credit Card


Happy Treating your Friends - But the Best way to plan a treat is by Calling Me too for the treat :lolz:


Note : There are other hotels available in Ascendas Park like subway, saravana bhavan will discuss about in some other blog

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