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The Foodie - What is Mayonnaise - (The white sauce in our burger)?


What is Mayonnaise? Why to talk about Mayonnaise?


The food industry in INDIA has grown vast recently, we are seeing more foreign foods coming to India, in Chennai we have Fast Food Giants like KFC,McDonald's, Sub Way, Prime Roaster , Mary Brown all offer a Burgers and some offers SUBs their common ingredient found was two pieces of bun and a chicken or veg patty , a layer of lettuce and they have a sauce called Mayonnaise. The salads which they provide also contains mayonnaise, even the Coleslaw has this.





Is Mayonnaise Healthy?


Since Mayonnaise are added in salads don't take it for granted its healthy , Actually Mayonnaise is made from Egg Yolk and has 70-80% FAT. Check the making these scripts are taken from Wikipedia


" Mayonnaise can be made with an electric mixer, an electric blender, or a food processor, or by hand with a whisk or fork. Mayonnaise is made by slowly adding oil to an egg yolk, while whisking vigorously to disperse the oil. The oil and the water in yolks form a base of the emulsion, while the lecithin from the yolks acts as the emulsifier that stabilizes it. Additionally, a bit of a mustard is also added to sharpen its taste, and further stabilize the emulsion. Mustard contains small amounts of lecithin.[5] "


History of Mayo


Mayonnaise was invented in 1756 by the French chef of the Duc de Richelieu. After the Duc beat the British at Port Mahon, his chef created a victory feast that was to include a sauce made of cream and eggs. Realizing that there was no cream in the kitchen, the chef substituted olive oil for the cream and a new culinary creation was born. The chef named the new sauce "Mayonnaise" in honor of the Duc's victory.

. On average 1 Table Spoon have 100 calorie and 12gram of FAT - to be frank i work out in GYM daily to burn 100 calorie  i have to walk Half an hour or run for 15 Mins in Tread Mill its a pain stalking process. But on good thing is it don't have cholesterol


Check the Nutrition Values in the below sites


The Main Reason for this Blog is to create awareness about the


•Non - Veg Mayonnaise(Egg is base)
•Veg Mayonnaise
•Its not a diet food has huge Calorie

Next time you order sandwich in our office premises or any Fast Food outlet ask not to add Mayonnaise if you are weight loss mode and if you are veg confirm whether it has Egg or Eggless.


Hope this created awareness about Mayonnaise. Here is a small and interesting history taken from How Stuff Works site

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