Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Foodie - Rasgulla


Till now i was thinking Rasgulla was a bengali sweet, but shocked to learn the truth its a orginated from orissa suprised.

Rasgulla is a syrupy sweet of Bengal and Orissa. It is mainly prepared by kneading chhena and a small amount of semilina. These are rolled into small balls, and then boiled in light syrup made of sugar. This is done until the sugar enters the balls and cooled it down



History :

In 19th century peoples in orissa migrated to bengal (undivided bengal at that time) during Bengal Renaissance. The Brahmin cooks worked for bengal families , its the place where orissa dishes shifted to bengal kitchen.  In early days rasgulla has to be eaten immediately since the life of the dish was too little so people kept in mud pot and ate asap, some like it hot and some cold, due to this constraint rasgulla never went out of orissa and bengal until Nobin Das created his version of Rasgulla.


It was year 1868 Nobin Das changed the receipe of rasgulla, which made it more spongier and extended it shelve life. This allowed him to market the rasgulla's outside bengal and he is famously called as "Rasagolla's Columbus". Then came his son K.C. Das who made the sweet available throught India and the rest is history.

He runs the shop in the name of K.C Das, its a must visit place if you go to kolkata, eventually K.C. Das's son created another stunning sweet the "RasMalai "  

Nutrition Value  :

1 Piece of Rasgulla has 140 Calorie Tags:
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