Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog Wars - Episode 2 - KFC vs.. Marry Brown(Chennai)

Blogwars Ep2

A Long, long ago, in Chennai . . .

Before the invasion of KFC in 2006, Marry brown was playing a major role of making Chennai ties obese, until KFC arrived……

Actually the topic should have been KFC vs.. Marry Brown vs.. McDonald, poor Chennai have only one McDonald Shop for the whole Chennai and only 4 Menu's available as 2009, so McDonald is disqualified for this Blog wars series. Let's Start Comparing with the Main dishes , I am not putting other menu's like nuggets, coleslaw into comparison.

The comparison is based on my experience only….


Marry Brown is located almost every part of Chennai, even in our central railway station. KFC is available only in 2 places of Chennai Ascendas Park & City Center. So Marry Brown is clear winner as per establishment in Chennai

Queue & Waiting Time

Since Marry Brown is almost every part of Chennai, the people load is distributed , KFC queue and wait time is high, if you book a ticket in INOX and thought of grabbing a KFC Zinger burger you must forget the movie, its really crowded

Zinger Burger vs. Hot Touch Burger


Clearly Zinger burger is the winner, its huge size ,crisp and chunky its really cool when compared to compact and crisp Hot touch, in Burger section Marry Brown failed to compete with the standard which KFC has set for

Fried Chicken

KFC has a unique recipe which makes its dish unique, but here it lacks the INDIAN or ASIAN touch, it's not spicy it makes me dull to eat KFC chicken, but Marry Brown has the ASIAN touch its somewhat spicy, but the worst part of Marry Brown is the size of the chicken, its very small when compared with what KFC provide, So I declare KFC is a winner



KFC has recently introduced Twister in their menu, which is really sluggish, they have made their crip boneless chicken inside a tortilla (made of maize) wrap, all the menu tastes the same, nothing new, but Marry Brown has a Chettinadu wrap, which blends the INDIAN flavor and its crispy Wrap is cool, in Wrap section Marry Brown won

Rice Meals

KFC & Marry Brown has rice meal but KFC here also lacks INDIAN or ASIAN touch, the sauce which KFC provided is taste less and use less, where as Marry Brown has channa as side dish which is really spicy and cool and nice

Desserts & Beverage

Desserts are common but Marry Brown has brownies, banana splits, cakes & shakes but KFC sundaes, and shakes, I like both desserts and beverage, since both use pepsi

Fries & Wedges

Both failes as none of them are equal to McDonald's Fries and Wedges


When come to price KFC is costly and the most pain point is the 12.36 % tax which KFC puts extra, that is taking more out of my pocket, where as Marry Brown no tax at all, every thing comes within menu price

Overall apart from the size of the chicken KFC fails every where cost and taste, I feel KFC all the menu taste the same. So in this Blog Wars Series Marry Brown emerges as victory, KFC fails as it does not have the INDIAN or ASIAN touch in the food.

But I love eating in KFC too just for comparison Marry Brown own. but KFC too rocks in American Style.

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