Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Foodie - Having Parotta in Chennai

Parota is a south Indian bread, don't confuse with North Indian Parathas, it's completely different.


Let's start, there are various variets of parotta,


•Muttai Parotta (Egg Parotta)
•Muttai Vechu Parotta (Egg omlete will be inserted inside parotta)
•Kothu Parotta (my favorite)

Madurai, virdhunagar is famous for their parotta's but I am talking about Chennai's. parotta is a favorite dinner food for most bachelor's like me, you can find lots and lots of parotta stalls in the road side of chennai, I am going to say only about some in my area (thiruvanmiyur to palavakkam)


First is Parotta found here is veg or non - veg. For me its Non - Veg because the main ingredients is EGG, it has other items like sugar, gingerly oil and very very very high in cholestral content. Parotta is served with Salan or sevia, its very tough for Veggies eating parotta in road side stall since its tough to get a vegetrain salana.



Salana is nothing but a chicken kurma, will make a deadly combination with parotta.


"There is a tradition in eating parotta, first you should take a parotta is beaten well by both hands and then its teared into pieces and pour the salna into the teared parotta and wait for sometime so that salna and parotta is soaked well (Guys my mouth is watering) and you can have the delicious parotta "


My Next Favorite is Kothu Parotta


My Favorite dish, i love this dish hmmmmmmmmmm its now doubt you guys also fall in love for that, its made of by tearing parottas and onions and tomota's added and then our favorite Egg, and the salna is added in that recipe and then a the chef tooks the two stainless steel tumblers and beat the parotta, chopping the parotta into fine pieces , the sounds make ur tummy more hungry and irresistible



There are various varities like chicken, mutton etc etc kothu parotta


Some Place where you get nice parotta with salna



Virdhunnagar parotta stall (Road Side Shop)

in the near vijaynagar bus stop (near adyar bakery)



Anbu Fried Rice(Road Side Shop)

opp to water ford app there is a street,

the shop is avaliable there



Thever Kadai(Road Side Shop)

Near More Shope


The Kothu parotta is Rs 30 in the road side shop

if you want in some good shope then i bet you karaikudi Chettinadu hotel you can find chicken kothu parotta which is superb, try kothu parotta in ponuswamy, pandiyas but they all cost Rs.95.

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