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The Foodie - Chicken Nuggets in Chennai

Chicken Nuggets

I really feel in love with this food, when I first tasted this in Marry Brown Chennai some 3yrs ago. Lets explore Chicken Nuggets in Chennai.

Though i have barely tried Chicken Nuggets in very few place, one of the worst place I have tried is  CITI Center, ground floor, its a open shop which sells, Chicken nuggets also,

Chicken Nuggets is basically like our favorite Indian Dish "Aloo Tike", where Potato is mashed and deep fried, in Nuggets chicken is minced finely and its dipped in a Batter and rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. it sounds like our cutlet very much rite, it belongs to that family of food. From Wikipedia



"The chicken nugget was invented in the 1950s by Robert C. Baker, a food science professor at Cornell University, and published as unpatented academic work.[1] Dr. Baker's innovations made it possible to form chicken nuggets in any shape. McDonald's recipe for Chicken Nuggets was created on commission from McDonald's by Tyson Foods in 1979 and the product was sold beginning in 1983"



Raise of Chicken Nuggets


McDonald took this recipe and made it famous all over the world in the name of Chicken Nuggets, but in INDIA, I have not find Nuggets. Since in INDIA we have only 4 menu's of McDonald available. Nuggets and other Nuggets have mostly breast chicken and skin of the chicken is added to increase its flavor. Nuggets became very famous because of its unique shapes, they made the chicken in different shapes like boat, ducks etc .. There are lots of Case on McDonald's regarding Nuggets one of them is James Oliver Huberty, where he killed 21 peoples, his wife sued McDonald that he over eaten Nuggets which caused him mental imbalance.


Chicken Nuggets in Chennai


So My Best place where you get Chicken Nuggets is


1.Marry Brown
2.Prime Roaster
3.Casa Piccolo
4.Chic King

My best pick is Marry Brown, where you get a spicy and juicy Chicken Nuggets, so next time when you got Marry Brown have a try, there is another cool veg nuggets called Tandoori Nuggets which is also very cool in Marry Brown

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